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When you decide to build a deck you don’t always think about what the weather will do to it over the years. This is my deck the week it was built (2015) and this month (2019) – 4 years old and it still looks new. Thanks to the Deck Protect team that has been looking after it since day one. It looks great!


We love our natural wood deck. We considered all the new products being offered but knew there was nothing better than real wood. It feels better with bare feet, doesn’t heat up in the sun, and looks great. Our concern was how would it stand up to hot sinners and cold winters?? Well, the staining process that Deck Protect used sure worked! It sealed all sides and even saw cuts were treated to prevent any future problems! We are very pleased with the look, feel, and steadfastness of our deck!

Brad & Isobel

After selling exterior lumber products in Canada for 20 years I have come to this conclusion. If you want to add years to your deck, fence or siding material you have to seal or stain your lumber. In Canada we experience hot and humid summers, and cold and dry winters. A life shortening combination for exterior lumber applications. That’s why I turn to the guys at Deck Protect for their experience and expertise in pre-finishing lumber. Not only do they offer coating services for new installations, they also provide maintenance programmes to help add life and beauty for years to come. One of the best investments you can make for your outdoor projects.


We had a large cedar deck with a serious mold problem. We tried numerous applications, but the mold always returned making the deck black and very unattractive. The team from Kawartha Deck Protect came in and remedied the problem. They carefully sanded the deck, treated the mold and applied a product which gave us a terrific cedar finish that looked like new. We were very impressed with their attention to detail and workmanship. We were also pleased that they followed up later to ensure our satisfaction. It was apparent to us that the team at Kawartha Deck Protect take great pride in the job they do and that they strove to ensure our satisfaction. The mold did not recur, and we highly recommend this company.

Bill & Tish

I met Jon and his remarkable team about 4 years ago after we had a disastrous experience where our beautiful 2 year old cedar deck, stairs and pergola were left in such an awful state I thought we were going to have to replace them. It is awkward asking someone to fix someone else’s mistake but that is what I did. Jon was very caring, understanding and patient as he listened to our story. He treated us with dignity and respect and appreciated that our situation was dire and needed attention right away. He went over his entire procedure with us, was honest about what to expect and what is necessary to do for maintenance afterward. He made us a priority and his team started immediately, worked tirelessly in the blazing heat as they expertly restored our deck to it’s original colour and condition. They didn’t stop until it met their high standards. They took care to cover our stone work and plants and left our yard in a clean pristine condition when they were finished. Jon is a very unassuming gentleman who honestly cares about your property and his workmanship. I have zero reservation and would highly recommend Jon and his team over and over again.